Nail Art Anyone Can Do — Easter/Spring Nails! 2nd Edition


I love holidays because it’s an opportunity to do some fun nail art! If, however, you struggle with more complicated designs, this post is for you! I couldn’t resist doing another Easter design because…bunnies.

DSC_0430You will need:

  • Base coat (I used CND Stickey)
  • Top Coat of your Choice (I used a Sally Hansen topcoat)
  • A slightly darker than pastel purple nail polish (I used Sinful Colors Tempest)
  • A white nail polish (I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White)
  • A pink polish (I used a super old Sephora for OPI Set the Mood)
  • A black polish (Also super old Sephora for OPI)
  • Dotting tools and brushes of your choice

1) Start with a base coat, then layer your purple until opaque. I chose this darker purple, Tempest, because I wanted the white of the bunny to pop. I needed 2 coats of Tempest to achieve opacity.

DSC_04242) Draw a half circle with the flat side towards the base of your toenail with the white polish and fill in. Think of your bunny as peeping over your toenail. You can’t see his whole face.IMG_32293) Now for ears. I tried to place the ears at the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock position, if you were thinking about your half-circle like a clock. To do the ears, I drew a straight line down the center with my brush, then slightly arced it along either side of the line. You may need to go over it a couple times if you get any clumps of polish. And no worries if your ears are totally symmetrical or perfectly placed. There are no real life symmetrical bunnies either.


One ear done. I went back and smoothed it over.


Two ears done!

Now for the easiest part, in my opinion. 4) Take your dotting tool and the pink polish. Place a dash down the center of each ear.


5) Place a pink dot towards the bottom of your nail, but in the midline of the half-circle. This is your nose. Place two black dots above the nose on either side for eyes. Voila!


Have fun making your little bunny mani/pedi! I think that’s the most important part of nail art at home…it might take a few tries or mistakes, but have fun getting there. If you’re not having fun, then why do it?! I finished off the rest of my nails with Easter egg-type designs, like dots and stripes.

DSC_0434I tried to do a “bunny butt” on my left foot, but it didn’t quite turn out. Next year, maybe!


Nail Art for the Non-Artistic Crowd: Spring or Easter Manicure

I intended to have this post up for Mani Monday…oh well. Life happens.

Anyways, I have always seen super cute manicures on Pinterest and Instagram for holidays and loved them. But the truth is–I will never possess the fine motor skills to draw many, many of those designs. But there are still super cute designs in reach! Can you do dots? Then you can do this!

Today I’ll be showing how to do an “Easter Chick” accent nail (Mine are gels, but this could easily be replicated with real nail polish)

To do this accent nail, you will need:

DSC_0440Base Coat

Top Coat

Yellow Polish (I used LeChat’s Happily Ever After)

Orange Polish (I used Gelish My Carriage Awaits)

Black Polish (I used Sephora OPI What’s a Tire Jack? [discontinued])

A dotting tool (or a bobby pin)

These steps are really, really easy!

1. Paint and cure your base coat

2. Apply your yellow polish until opaque (took 3 coats of Happily Ever After)

3. Apply and cure your top coat.

IMG_3244Now for the design! So easy…you ready?

4. Imagine a line going down the center of the nail. In the top third of the nail, place a black dot on either side of the center for eyes.

5. For the beak, in the dead center of the nail, draw a triangle with the orange polish. If its easier, use 3 dots to make a triangle. (Point side down, obviously)

6. For the feet, draw 2 dashes at the bottom of the nail on either side of that same imaginary center line with the orange polish.

7. Cure with LED light.

8. Apply top coat and cure.

Boom! You’re done. Cheep Cheep!

Paint your non-accented nails with a cute pastel. I used Gelish Ella of a Girl.